What is StitchCrafter?

Cloud-based tools for people who sew. Search patterns, manage your stash, share projects, be inspired and sew more.

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Another 'ravelry' clone?

Not exactly. StitchCrafter will definitely address similar issues but I think the sewing world needs something tailored to it's unique set of data and challenges.

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What's your solution?

After researching and analysing the current landscape of online services available to the sewing community I have put together the StitchCrafter project.

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StitchCrafter is getting ready to launch a private beta preview. If you don't mind a few broken bits and you have some free time to report errors and offer suggestions I'd love to hear from you.

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Online Sewing Community Issues

Not easy to use

The sites I have found that provide pattern search or reviews are limited and not very user-friendly. Like most people today I don't have a lot of free time, so when I make time to sew I don't want to waste most of that time figuring out how to navigate through an out-dated or poorly planned interface. I just want to search or browse without thinking about it, then get back to sewing!

Suffering from fragmentation

One of the biggest frustrations is when I hear about something that might be what I'm looking for, only to find out I have to sign up for yet another sewing site. It's also very difficult to share my information between sites, or even re-use it on my blog or other social networking sites. I'd like to see what is being offered before I invest my time to set up a new profile. Actually I'd much rather create one profile for all my sewing related stuff and be able to share it with whoever I choose. I don't have time to manage multiple sewing stashes and profiles, I want to be in control of my sewing data so I can share and collaborate easily, and not have to fuss with the tools. I'd rather fuss with my sewing machine.

Poor mobile experience

Many times I've been browsing at my local fabric store and I've wanted to do a pattern search on my phone, or find inspiration for a fabric that's on sale. Sometimes I forget that I already had enough lining or interfacing so I end up buying more. Other times I've forgotten the pattern envelope at home so I have to guess how many metres of fabric I need. I'd love to have access to my sewing stash and patterns from my phone but I have not found anything useful that works on my phone.

StitchCrafter's Solution

StitchCrafter is aiming to provide the best possible user experience to members of the online sewing community. While the development roadmap will change to meet the evolving needs of the community and technology, the following goals will always be at the heart of each decision:

  • Usability
  • Free access
  • Control your data
  • Transparency


Every interaction with StitchCrafter.com should provide the highest quality user experience possible. It must be efficient, easy and satisfying to use.

Free Access

StitchCrafter.com wants to be a free tool for anyone to use so I will never put essential pattern searching and stash management behind a paywall.

Control Your Data

Your projects, reviews and stash are yours, I want you to be able to use it however you like. Share (or not), export it to use in another site or program, or use it to add more content to your blog or website.


I'm a big believer in transparency and I strive to provide an open environment during development of any project I'm a part of. I want to keep StitchCrafter.com as transparent as possible by sharing development goals, financial stuff, successes and even failures. I believe StitchCrafter will stay valuable as long as I maintain an open relationship with you.

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